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COBRA is a Texas-based paintball team founded in and going strong since 2007. We began as a milsim woodsball team, but grew to enjoy nearly all flavors of the sport, which is why we consider ourselves a paintball team, full stop. In the past, COBRA has made impressive showings as a UWL competitor, and COBRA is currently revisiting our roots by getting into magfed-only paintball events. But COBRA's bread and butter was and still is scenario paintball games.

Whether the all-day or 26 hour variety, COBRA makes a presence in the scenario paintball world. While we can certainly brag about having some skilled players (who have won multiple MVP awards), it's COBRA's ability to play as a team that makes us so effective. We prefer to run missions during scenario games, and often complete 100% or nearly 100% of the missions we're given, which has earned us multiple MVT (Most Valuable Team) awards. We also take every opportunity to trip up the opposing side, which is why our awards collection includes multiple MOFO (MOst Formidable Opponent) pennants. And while others might put up their gear when the sun goes down, COBRA rules the night. If you find yourself guarding an enemy base at night, guard it well, because COBRA is coming for it.

And COBRA doesn't just play in scenario paintball games, we've commanded them, both as CO and XO, including XO'ing Living Legends VI in 2013 and XI in 2018. And when COBRA commands, we win. But of course winning isn't winning if you don't play by the rules, which is why to be COBRA you have to be a stand-up player, and why we value our sportsmanship awards just as much as our MVT and MOFO awards.

This may all sound like COBRA is a serious paintball team, and we are serious—serious about having fun. In addition to the adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding, thrill that is paintball, COBRA loves meeting new people and new teams. So if you're at a game with us, don't just engage us on the field. Come to our camp and hang out with us! (Just look for the COBRA banners printed by Titan Signs and Graphics) Kick back with COBRA between games to chat about paintball or anything else. COBRA usually has the grill fired up and cooking something fantastic as well. Be our friend and we'll feed you. COBRA is all about expanding our paintball family.

And our paintball family extends beyond other teams and other players to actual paintball gear manufacturers, many of whom currently sponsor us. For most of our history, COBRA has had the privilege of being sponsored by numerous paintball vendors, primarily Tippmann, who we have been proud to be sponsored by since 2010. When Tippmann became a division of G.I.Sportz, we were jazzed to gain the sponsorship of G.I. Sportz and its many subsidiaries such as Empire, V-Force, Spyder, and JT. COBRA has also been sponsored by TechT since 2009, which has given us an edge by helping us improve the already considerable performance of our paintball markers and other gear.

But our alliances aren't just about getting the sweet hook-up, as COBRA is proud to be part of the Houston Paintball Club sponsored by Pro-Edge Paintball (our go-to paintball shop for gear and service) to help promote the sport we all love so much. In 2017 COBRA joined the Brigade Program for the same reason. We even have the Texas Brigade Commander among our ranks, so COBRA makes a special effort to attend as many Brigade Program games in North America as we can, which is fine with us because COBRA travels far and wide for a good game of paintball.

Although not all have been Brigade Program games, in addition to playing all over north, central, and the gulf coast of Texas, COBRA has traveled to (and impressed in) Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. And we plan to expand that list, as we make a special out-of-state travel game every year.

So wherever you are in the paintball world, whether at a game or at our home practice field of 5J paintball, if you see the COBRA patch or a COBRA jersey by Maxt, know that you're looking at a paintball team that's been slinging paint, earning accolades, and making friends for over a decade, and we're just getting started.

Decade of Paintball

Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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