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COBRA is proud to represent the following paintball companies, and we consider it a priviledge to be associated with them. Some of the sponsors below have been with us since our team's inception and have gone way beyond the simple discount type of sponsorship. Please check them out by clicking on their banners.


COBRA is honored to have received a Tippmann Sponsorship since 2010! We have always run with Tippmann markers and stood behind their products.


G . I.   S P O R T Z

In addition to Tippmann, COBRA is proud to represent G.I. Sportz for 2015 and beyond!

G.I. Sportz

T E C H T   P A I N T B A L L

COBRA is honored to have received a TechT Sponsorship since 2011. We have been using TechT parts for years and also stand behind their products.

G L O R Y   P A I N T B A L L

Glory Paintball is our home field! Click on the link below to visit their website.

T I T A N   S I G N S   A N D   G R A P H I C S

Signpimp of Titan signs has donated awesome banners, shirts, car door magnets and decals to our team - all out of his own pocket! His relationship without our team has far suprassed a "support" role.
Titan Signs and Graphics - Houston, TX
P R O   E D G E   P A I N T B A L L   S T O R E - Houston, TX

A supporter of COBRA Paintball! If you live in Houston, check out Pro Edge Paintball! Phone: 713-896-8841, Email:,

14916 NW Freeway
Houston, Tx 77040
Pro Edge Paintball - Houston TX


Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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