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Position: Squad Leader

Hails From: Houston, TX

Markers: Empire Axe 2.0, Tippmann A5, Tippmann TiPX

Upgrades: TechT iFit, TechT Squishy Paddles, TechT Vortex Mod SS, TechT Lightning Rod, TechT Zero Kick Hammer, TechT Hair Pin Kit, JCS Rear Velocity Adjuster, Azodin On/Off ASA, Response trigger, X7 Cyclone piston housing, Gunhead V3 TiPX First Strike Adapter, Milsig FXR carbine kit

Barrels: Hammerhead First Strike optimized TiPX barrel, Tippmann X7

Loader: Virtue Spire

Air System: Guerilla


VIPER Texas Triple Threat 2020
Grinch in Da Hood at TXR Paintball
Viper Ghost Recon 2019 - Blacktree Paintball
Summer Bash, Red vs Blue Big Game at TXR Paintball
VIPER Texas Triple Threat 2019
VIPER Quest for the Grail 2018 - TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX
VIPER Tombstone 2018 - Avid Extreme Sports in Guthrie, OK
Conquering Hell 3 - Official Paintball in Forney, TX
Living Legends 11 - Hell Survivors
VIPER Superhereoes vs Supervillians - TXR Paintball 2018
Blackhawk Down 2018 - Official Paintball
VIPER Texas Triple Threat 2018
AVP - Tanks Paintball 2018
Snake Eater 3 at Texas Paintball
VIPER Red Strike 2017, Blastcamp in Hobart, IN
Dungeons and Dice 2017 at TANKS Paintball in Sugar Land, TX
VIPER Texas Triple Threat 2017
Magfed Uprising - Noctis Eternum 2016
VIPER Paint the Thrones 2016 - TXR
VIPER Triple Threat 2016 - Petty Paintball in Red Rock, TX
VIPER Quest for the Holy Grail 2016 - TXR
VIPER Paint Wars - TXR Paintball 2015
VIPER Fallout Part 2 - TXR Paintball 2015
VIPER Phobia - TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX
VIPER Triple Threat 2014 - Petty Paintball in Red Rock, TX
The Grid 2014 - TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX
VIPER The Sixth Gun - TXR Paintball 2013
VIPER Annual Texas Revolution - Tech Wars 2013
Pegasus Bridge 2013 - DFW Adventure Park
VIPER Triple Threat 2013 - Petty Paintball in Red Rock, TX


Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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