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Position: Operative

Hails From: Houston, TX

Markers: Empire Mini

Hopper: Empire Prophecy Z2

Mask: Empire EVS


ASE's Fire 4 Effect 2021 at Avid Extreme Paintball in Guthrie OK
CAX 2021 - Glory Paintball in League City, TX
ASE's Died Hard 2020 at Official Paintball
TXR's Grinch in Da Hood 2020
Viper Paintball's Tombstone 2020
ASE - All American Heroes/Joes vs Cobra, Avid Extreme Sports in Guthrie, OK
Viper Paintball's Texas Triple Threat 2020
Grinch in Da Hood at TXR Paintball 2019
Marvel vs DC 4 - Fort Knox Paintball
Summer Bash, Red vs Blue Big Game at TXR Paintball
Living Legends XII - Legacy Paintball
Viper Paintball's Quest for the Grail 2018 - TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX
Conquering Hell 3 - Official Paintball in Forney, TX
Living Legends 11 - Hell Survivors
Viper Paintball's Superhereoes vs Supervillians - TXR Paintball 2018
Viper Paintball's Texas Triple Threat 2018
Viper Paintball's Paint the Dead - TXR Paintball 2017
Snake Eater 3 at Texas Paintball
Jungle Manji 2017, TANKS Paintball in Richmond, TX
Viper Paintball's Red Strike 2017, Blastcamp in Hobart, IN
Various games at Tactical Paintball

Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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