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Guerrilla Carbon Fiber Systems with Myth Regulator
By: Grinder - 2/22/2012
I have been sitting here salivating over these open boxes standing in front of me. Our team shipment, consisting of several boxes of carbon fiber tanks, Cobra Coil remote hoses, tank covers, t-shirts and other extras, has just arrived! We were just awarded a sponsorship and needless to say, I am psyched! Guerrilla Air
Right out of the box, the tanks feel VERY light. Even the 88 ci. feels light for its size. (2.8 lbs) The perfect black finish is slick, glossy and beautiful. It almost just wants to slip out of your hands. The graphics are added eye-candy and the hydro details are clear. The tank neck, if you will, is shorter than any other tank I have used. This is because there is a short length from the ASA to the bottle. This gives the tank a much smaller profile. In fact, the tank is shorter than two 68 ci. carbon fiber tanks that I currently own.
Furthermore, we removed the Myth regulator to inspect it and it feels solid and light-weight. The two burst disks are flush with the surface, which i've never seen before. From what I read on their website, it is designed to eliminate blow-through debris. I would imagine it would also prevent the pesky wrist poking. The regulator is multi-positional. It allows you to rotate and re-position the guage and fill nipple. I've never seen that option in a tank before.

The testing is still ongoing, but the results are very positive so far. I have taken the tank out to our local 5J field serveral times to play rec-ball/woodsball, the mout field and the speedball fields. I tested the tank using an X7 Phenom on various E-Grip modes. Our team uses Phenoms exclusively, fyi.
But, I have already dropped the tank, banged it up against trees and bunkers. No issues or change in flowrate despite the wet and slightly chilly conditions. I personally have the 88 ci. 4500 psi tank on the back of my vest. Amazingly, it fit snug in my OpsGear tank pouch. So it's a bigger tank, but it's not overwhelmingly big. I also used the Cobra Coil remote hose to connect to it. This is another great product that I will review eventually, by the way. So anyway, after a few refills of compressed air, I can appreciate that it has a fast recharge rate.
The regulator's consistency was right-on regardless my the E-Grip mode used. I also felt that I was getting more shots below 1000 psi than my other previous tanks. One thing that I didn't do properly was to count the shots per fill. I will work on that this weekend hopefully and post up my results. But the rate of shots per tank was up there with this 88 ci.

Overall, this is a fine product and defintely the best tank I have ever used. Not to mention that it's manufactured here in the USA! I have yet to work with Guerrilla's customers service, but I hear that they have a fast turnaround and friendly customers service. So check them out at!


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