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By: Joker - 9/26/2013

COBRA was thrilled to get an early preview of the newly upgraded Crossover XVR marker by Tippmann Sports. It is basically the same quality Crossover marker with some great upgrades. These upgrades show that Tippmann was listening to the players on how the Crossover could be improved. We believe that Tippmann has hit the mark with these upgrades.

Here is a list of the upgrades:

Upgraded performance

Venting on/off ASA
15” two-piece premium barrel
Trigger improvements

Easier Maintenance

New tool-less access to bolt and FlexValve system
New tool-less battery access

Enhanced design

Clean contoured lines with streamlined front grip
Three popular colors – Red, Olive and Titanium

Performance Accessories

New barrel kit with three smaller bore size options
New two compartment soft case included
Autococker barrel adapter included

One of our favorite upgrades is the tool-less maintenance feature. With the push of a button, you can now remove and install the FlexValve system with great ease. We were able to easily remove the FlexValve bolt and battery without any tools! This upgrades will allow you to get back on the field quicker if you have any maintenance issues with either of these marker components. No more searching for the allen wrench to clean and grease the valve assembly.

Another great new feature is that the battery compartment can now be accessed by a push of a button. It was a pain to have to pull out the tiny allen wrench to take apart the grip. Now, simply pushing the button will lift the grip cover allowing you to pull the cover back for battery access. This is a great upgrade for any player. The battery is often a common failure point for many markers and this allows you to remedy that with no hassles. Of course, there is always the ability to switch from electronic mode to mechanical mode.

Another addition is the ASA on-off feature. With a few simple turns of the knob, you can now depressurize the air system for easier tank or remote removal.

The trigger has also been improved. It looks the same, but it is lighter and feels more responsive.

The first version of the Crossover came with a single-piece barrel. The upgraded two-piece high performance barrel system allows you to keep your entire marker stored in the compact and padded marker case. There are additional bore size backs available that you can use with the barrel system and perform proper paint-to-barrel matching.

The XVR also comes with 3 additional colors in addition to the stock black Crossover. These colors are bold and look great. The marker has a very nice finish to it.

There are more barrel options with the XVR upgrade too. If you have an Autococker barrel system, the XVR comes with an adapter to use your current barrel.

As a reminder, here are the standard Crossover features that will still be in the upgraded marker.

Standard features include:

• FlexValve Technology
• 6 electronic firing modes
• Switch from Electronic and mechanical mode on the fly
• Ability to add front vertical regulator
• Integrated Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes
• Forged Aluminum Upper Receiver
• Clamping Feedneck
• Internal Gas Line

Overall, we were very happy with the upgrades to the Crossover and it shows that Tippmann has listened to the suggestions given by players and Tippmann sponsored teams. This is a positive step and a great addition to the Tippmann line of markers. We are looking forward to hitting different types of fields and putting the Crossover to work and stay tuned for a video review!



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