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Commanders Chosen for Tryfecta Event's Star Wars game!
Tim "Knucklehead" Gafford has been chosen to command as Darth Maul vs Michael Alexander Quinn of Team D-Gents as Jabba the Hutt. The event will be held at Whatz Up Paintball in Seven Points, TX. Visit for more details.
Getting up to date!
It's been a while since we have posted any news. 2022 was a good year for COBRA. Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez commanded several games and went undefeated!

Victorious commander - Grinch in Da Hood
Victorious commander - ASE | Hairband Heroes
Victorious commander - Conquering Hell | Red Dawn
Victorious commander - ASE | I Am Legend
Victorious commander - Texas Revolution Paintball Series #3
Victorious commander - Vietnam 2022 at CJ's Paintball Park in Nebraska

He also won his first command role of 2023 at Texas Revolution Paintball's The Pass at Texas Paintball.
Commanders Chosen for I am Legend
Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez has been chosen to command Action Sports Events's I Am Legend scenario event. It will be held at Black Ops Paintball in Fayetville, NC in September of 2022. The opposing commander will be Lee Williams from Fox's Den.
COBRA is the Victorious Commander Texas Triple Threat 2022
Congratulations to Tim "Knucklehead" Gafford and Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez for their Victorious Commander win at the VIPER Paintball's Texas Triple Threat 2022. A huge thanks for the Green side for working hard to enusre a victory and for making the game so fun.
Welcome to the Team - 2021
We are honored to welome the following team members who recently made it through our prospect phase!
Joush "Coach" Morris
Jacob "Caveman " Neuman
Blake "Badfish" Simon
Charles "Hunnicut" Hunnicut
Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez - Victorious Commander
Congratulations to Phil Ramirez on his Victorious Commander win at the Texas Revolution Paintall Series #3, 2002, Texas Paintball in Jonestown, TX.
Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez MVP Win
Congratulations to Sebastian Alvarez on his Most Valuble Player award at Grinch in Da Hood 2022 at TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX.

Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez Racks up Awards for 2020-2021

We are very proud of our teammates wins in the last couple of years. Here's a few events:

Texas Revolution at Texas Paintball 2021 – MOFO Award
Victorious Commander at TXR's Grinch in Da Hood 2020
Viper Blacktree Holy Grail at Blacktree Paintball
Sportsmanship Award at Battle for Midway 2020
Victorious Commander at ASE - All American Heroes/Joes vs Cobra

Michael "Diligaf" Boyer - MVP Ref
Most Valuble Referree award was given to Diligaf at Died Hard at Official Paintball 2020. We are proud to be able to contribute to reffing games.
Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez - Victorious X/O
Congratulations to Sebastian Alvarez on his acheivement as the victorious X/O at Victorious X/O at Viper's Quest for the Grail 2020.
Viper Paintball's Tombstone Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez is the Victorious Commander at Tombstone 2020
Congratulations to Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez and Austin Frank Prieur of Raw Dawgs for leading the Cowboys to victory! Another great event at Avid Extreme Sports park in Guthrie, OK. Over 500 players attended this event! Already looking forward to next year.

COBRA is proud to call Glory Paintball their New Home Field!
We are excited to partner up with Glory Paintball in League City, Texas. They are now our new home field! Run by Kyle Buckmaster, this is a must-play paintball field! Checkout one of our reviews of the field:

"I played there yesterday for the first time. I had a total blast! The staff was great. The refs knew what they were doing and were very professional. The stress safety above all else. The locals were all very cool/welcoming and fun to play with. (like that Ozzie guy was killin' it out there) The facilities are great. Plenty of parking, great staging areas and the field entrance is a very short walk from the parking lot. There are different fields to play in, and I found the layouts to be both fun and challenging. There are lots buildings/bunkers out there. A very creative setup. The structures are solid and well-built. One particular two-story building, with various rooms inside, was super fun and really challenging to defend and attack. It really put us to the test. We played a few different game modes, based on the CAX approach. Very fun for all player levels. I am still pumped up from yesterday's event. I can't wait to return."


Texas Triple Threat Tim "Knucklehead" Gafford is the Victorious Commander at Texas Triple Threat 2020
This was Tim's first command role, but he handled it like a seasoned commander. Hats off to Tim and all of the teams who supported him at this event at Whatz Up Paintball.
July 2019 Paintball Media
The new issue of Paintball Media is out, and it contains coverage of Living Legends 12! Check it out.
Living Legends 12 The Crusade Defeats Di Inferni at Living Legends 12!
What a week!!! I just flew in last night from an EPIC EPIC Living Legends 12 up in Chicago. I would like to thank everyone that came out to the event.

Thank you Brandon Paige , the whole command staff and the rest of the red side for fighting yall’s butts off and especially the ones where no matter what the weather was like they showed up to do work.

Special thank you for ALL my BLUE CRUSADEEEEE teams like 13th Legionnaires, M-80, BOB WHITE, Raw Dawgs, Infinite Death, Psycho Clown Posse, Reign, Grim Reaperz, Reaper Assassins, Muddy Water Boys, Alpha Dawgz, 906 Army, Hand of Fate, Hellions, just to name a few and the rest of you all for supporting the “out of towner” and believing in my commanding abilities and helping me secure back to back LL wins.

Another huge thank you to all my Texas teams like Archangels, Tanks Paintball, Cazadores, Aztec Warriors, and COBRA, that made their journey all the way up north to back me up and show them how the Texas Boys do it down south.

Thank you to my command staff Michael A Fisher, Djuan Mitchell, Craig Kemper, Rob Firefly Rivera, Phil Ramirez, and Ryan Sexton for the BEST MOST FLUID TEAMWORKING command staff I have had the pleasure working with. By far my best communicated game I have commanded to date. To NJ Patel for making the epic memes and giving everyone something to laugh about. To Pete Pucek (Piper) for helping me with comms and missions. Always on top of everything that is needed to be relayed to everyone.

Special thanks to our local friend Jeff Ferguson for getting us a awesome staging spot and equipment for us to use over the weekend.

Thank you to our sponsors GI Sportz Paintball for supporting COBRA Paintball Team for many years and to all the techs working their asses off in making sure everyone has all their equipment in top working order. To Pro Edge Paintball for hooking up COBRA with top of the line equipment needs and to all the extra swag you gave us for young guns and the rest of the LL family.Thank you to CPX, DJ Honu Fox, Lani Sky Fox, the refs and the rest of the Legacy staff for an awesome smoothly ran fun weekend. I really hope Living Legends continues to be here in the future. It has that Living Legends family vibe and epicness and wouldn’t want it to be anywhere else.

Till the next time guys. Ill be back again in the future for another command win. HAWAIIAN LEGENDS NEXT!!! Hope to see some of you all there.
Living Legends 12 Living Legends XII is Fast Approaching!
If you don't know by now, Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez of COBRA is honored to command against Brandon "B-Rad" Paige of Soldiers of Chaos at the next Living Legends 2019 event! The legions are forming quickly, get in on it now! Here are more details:

Texas Triple Threat COBRA wins Sportsmanship award at Texas Triple Threat 2019 - Whatz Up Paintball
We are honored to have played for our victorious commander, Wade Williams of Task Force Tiger, and appreciate the award and the chance to run missions. We completed mission after mission and then some. The Green and Blue teams put up a great fight. The score was something like ~1520 (blue) ~1100 (green) and ~(1580) red.
COBRA to X/O Hawaiian Legends 2019
11-13-2018 - Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez, the GISportz Texas Brigare Commander, will be X/O for C/O Ryan Sexton! More details here.
COBRA to X/O with Houston Heat
11-12-2018 - COBRA will be commanding the Texas Turkey hunt scenario game with Houston Heat, 2018 World Cup Champions! Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez will be the X/O for Devon Stuart of Houston Heat. More details here.
COBRA Ironsights Ironsights PB
11-10-2018 - The COBRA Ironsights Facebook page now has over 1000 fans! Checkout the website.
Quest for the Grail 2018 COBRA wins MVP and MOFO at Quest for the Grail
11-10-2018 - COBRA was honored to win the MVP and MOFO award at Viper's Quest for the Grail scenario game! Special thanks for Odis "Redneck" Pfeifer II for selecting Phil "Signimp" Ramirez as his X/O.
Living Legends 12 COBRA to Command Living Legends XII
10-9-2018: It's official ... Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez of COBRA is honored to command against Brandon "B-Rad" Paige of Soldiers of Chaos at the next Living Legends 2019 event! Both are experienced commanders and more than ready to lead their legions into battle! Start making plans to support the Crusade and help us defeat Di Inferi! More details to come.

Living Legends XII
Tombstone 2018 Seabass of COBRA wins Most Valuable Player Award
10-6-2018 - We came out to Avid Extreme Sports Park in Oklahoma and had a great time! There was rain and mud and good times! We showed our love to everyone by showering them with paintballs and stickers! It was a great game, but we eventually threw the Earp's out of Tombstone once again! Law Don't Go Around Here! For our part, we were awarded the MVT/MVP. Sebastian Seabass Alvarez humbly accepted because he is #therealmvp amongst COBRA! Thank you Billie Leslie (Bob White) and Dave Tecson (Archangels) for entrusting with getting missions completed. 100% mission success rate for COBRA! Many thanks to so many people including GI Sportz, Tippmann Sports, and the Brigade Program for everything they help us with. You share in our Glory! Final Score: 1900 to 1025 in our favor! Congratulations to Billie Leslie and Dave Tecson on the huge win!
Paintball Media Paintball Media - July 2018
Living Legends 11 coverage in the July 2018 issue of Paintball Media! COBRA appears on page 70-71!
COBRA Living Legends 11 videos are up!
Check out the links here:
COBRA live on GMT Radio
***TUNE IN TONIGHT, May 29th From 7pm to 9pm to the "UNTUCKED RADIO W/ MYK SPORTS SHOW" on*** Fresh Off Of Their "Living Legends" Competition Victory!! We will have THE COBRA PAINTBALL TEAM in-studio, hanging out with the "Untucked Radio W/ Myk" Crew!! They will be invading Our radio studio AGAIN!! To school us on the booming sport of PAINTBALL, and will tell us all of the ins and outs on what it takes to dominate this physical sport!!! THE BATTLEFIELD of PAINTBALL is no joke! So tune in and find out why!! The Cobra Paintball Team will take us on a journey from preparation and training, to sponsorships and team status.
COBRA will be commanding Living Legends 11 (Inferno)
COBRA has been honored with an offer to help command Living Legends 11 this year. We have glady accepted! Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez will be x/o for the Crusades under the command of Connor McKenzie. The team will be registering under Sentinel Legion. Keep an eye for social media postings next month, including videos and pictures!
COBRA partners with Guru Gun Stands
COBRA, via Titan Signs and Graphics, will be partnering with Guru Gun Stands to deliver personalized wraps for gun stands. More to come soon...
Victorious Commander: COBRA
Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez and his X/O Jared "Snake" Thomas did a spectacular job leading the Supervillians to victory! The Superheroes, led by Jody Kirtland, put up an outstanding fight and made the game very fun and challenging. We were neck-and-neck on the Saturday game! Special thanks to all players who made this a great game and showed great sportsmanship!
Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez will be commanding the Superheroes vs Villians game at TXR Paintball in April.
His X/O will be Jared "Snake" Thomas, who is no stranger to commanding games. The commanders of the superheroes will be Jody Kirtland and David Flores. Come and join us as we defeat the superheroes!
Texas Triple Threat COBRA wins Sportsmanship award at Texas Triple Threat 2018 - Whatz Up Paintball
We are honored to have played for our commander, Giggles of Loyalty, and appreciate the award and the chance to run some missions. We completed 100% of our missions and ran multiple missions per hour. We congratulate her on her big GREEN win! he score was very close, something like ~800, ~800 and ~1200.
2018 Event List Posted
Our 2018 event lis has been posted . You can check it out here:
Paintball Explosion - Nuketown Paintball Explosion Video Posted!
Checkout our footage from our first visit to Paintball Explosion in Illinois. You can check it out here:
COBRA wins MVT Award at AVP Scenario
We are honored to have played for our commander, Serena Dang of the Gorillaz, and appreciate the MVT award and the chance to run some missions. We congratulate her on her win! Another great event at TANKS Paintball, just like the Jumanji event! This was yet another very close game and hard-fought on both sides. The score was very close, something like 895 to 875.
[ + ] 2 0 1 7 [ - ] 2 0 1 7
COBRA wins MOFO Award at Jungle Manji Scenario Game
We are honored to have played for our commander, Gavin Gonzales, and appreciate the MOFO from Mick Barnabo. Another great event at TANKS Paintball as usual! This was a very close game and hard-fought on both sides. Congrats to Gavin on his win!
GI Sportz Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez - The Real MVP
Check out this GI Sportz blog article about our very Seabass! (Go to Article)
Red Strike @ Blast Camp Video!
Checkout our footage from the FINAL Viper Red Strike game at Blast Camp in Hobart, Indiana where Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez took home the MVP award! We also visited Paintball Explosion (aka Nuketown) for the first time. We will post up another video soon.
You can check it out here:
New Team Members COBRA welcomes three new members to the team!
We would like to congratulate the following players for being patient and making the team! ... Rachel "Spaz", Jacob "Firefly" and Tim "Knucklehead"
Wastelands 5.7.2017 - COBRA takes home MVT award at Wastelands
We are honored to have played for Grant Taylor of Blacklist and NJ Patel of Archangels Paintball Team this weekend at Viper's Wastelands! We took the MVT after a lot of hard work, but a very fun paintball. Great game and great field at Avid Extreme Sports Park! We look forward to next year.
dungeons and dice 5.1.2017 - COBRA commands Dungeons & Dice at TANKS paintball
COBRA was honored to lead their side to victory with a final score of 28 to 23. Hats off to the yellow side for putting up such a big fight! We were delighted to go up against Bea Youngs of Destiny Paintball. It was an honor to have a high-caliber player like her at a local field!
Austin Flowers 4.9.2017 - Seabass of COBRA wins MVP at Austin Flowers
COBRA was honored to play for Austin Flowers himself, John Epley. Another awesome event at TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX. Our side won ~1900 to 1500. Seabass of COBRA took home the MVP award and one of our prospects took home the Young Gun Award. Also, check out our Mexican Standoff video!
GI Sportz 3.15.2017 - Axe 2.0 Video
COBRA relased an Axe 2.0 review video. Signpimp reviews the Axe 2.0 after testing it out at a scenario game.
You can check it out here:
Radios 3.7.2017 - Comms Video
COBRA relased a radio discussion video for scenario players.
You can check it out here:
Texas Triple Threat 2.24.2017 - Viper Triple Threat Videos
COBRA relased a couple of Triple Threat videos with footage from Viper Texas Triple Threat 2017. We had the opportunity to test the new Empire Axe 2.0. Special thanks to John Jackson from ProEdge Paintball and Greg Pauley from GI Sportz for letting us test the marker.

You can check them out here:
[ + ] 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6 [ - ] 2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 6
12.17.2016 - CQBL Trial Run
The CQBL is a new magfed paintball tourney league that was born in Texas. Teams from Texas, and even out of state, will be attending a trial run event for this new league. COBRA will be joining those teams to check out this new event and help with the trial. As the league starts to materialize, we will post more about it.
12.1.2016 - GI Sportz renews COBRA sponsorship
It's official for 2017 - GI Sportz has renewed COBRA's sponsorship. In addition to Tippmann, COBRA will also be using other GI Sportz brands such as Empire, BT, etc. We are proud to continue our relationship with GI Sportz in 2017!
9.15.2016 - Waynes World Grand Finale
It's official - COBRA will be attending Grand Finale at Wayne's World in Ocala, FL this year!
10.12.2016 - Tippmann TMC Review
Check out our Tippmann Prototype Magfed Marker review! We got a chance to try out the pre-production M4 Carbine prototype recently. It's like the airsoft version but designed for paintball. The internals are a inline blowback like the 98/A5 model. If priced right, this could be a good entry-to-mid level marker. We will wait and see what changes Tippmann makes to the production model and then hopefully do a final review.
Game of Thrones 8.28.2016 - Paint the Thrones
On November 12th, COBRA will be commanding the Paint of Thrones game at TXR Paintball in Cyrpess, TX. Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez will be commander "Jon Snow" and his X/O will be Dan "Spartacus" Pianfetti of the Hellions paintball team. The opposing general will be Team Archangel's own NJ "Kratos" Patel as "Tyrion Lannister’". This is shaping up to be a hell of a game!
5.26.2016 - Tippmann Stryker Review
Here's our review of the Tippmann Stryker marker. It was partially filmed at TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX. We would like to thank Tippmann for letting us try out these markers before public availability! We hope you enjoy it.
4.11.2016 - Quest for the Grail
COBRA was honored to win the MVT and MOFO award at Viper's The Quest for the Holy Grail scenario game! Special thanks for Odis "Redneck" Pfeiffer and Dan Pianfetti for the honors. Thank you Michael "Cupcake" Quinn for the MOFO award!
4.8.2016 - Tippmann Stryker Review
COBRA tested out Tippmann's new Stryker markers at Viper's Quest for the Holy Grail. Thank you Tippmann Sports! Video review coming soon!
1.2016 - GI Sportz
In addition to Tippmann, COBRA is proud to represent G.I. Sportz for 2015 and beyond! We met with them at Decay of Nations 9, and we are proud to call them a sponsor for 2015 and beyond!
Paint Wars 11.14.2015 - Paint Wars
Over the weekend we played an awesome Viper event (Paint Wars) In Houston, Texas with over 1,100 players in attendance. We are proud for one of our very own Seabass to receive the MVP award. We like to thank Spyro with Team Loyalty and Iceman from Team Odyssey for the awesome award.
Paint Wars Paint Wars
COBRA will be attending Paint Wars at TXR in mid-November. We will be running for the Empire led by Sean Spyro Riggs. A lot of out-of-state players will be making their way down to this game. If and when we break 1000 registrations, Kerry Viper Rosenberry will shave off his hair! Don't miss what may be the largest game ever held in TX! It is going to be epic. More details here.
Decay of Nations
COBRA is honored to take home the Most valuable X/O award given to Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez. Special thanks to Wolf for this honor! COBRA attended this event with the Texas Coalition, a group of fine texas players who made their way west to participate in this great event.
Viper Triple Threat
COBRA is honored to take home the MVT award at Viper's Triple Threat at Petty Paintball! Thank you Wes Raptor Garza, of SAS Woodsball, for giving us this honor. It was a pleasure to run for you and the RED side!
Fallout Part 2
Seabass of COBRA takes home the Victorious Commander award at Fallout Part 2! Thank you TLI, Honey Badgers, Type 3, Alter Ego, Twisted Militia, Odyssey, COBRA, Critical Mass, Dogmen, Foxtroct, Gorrillaz, NPP, Loyalty, Hellions, Texas Wood Dogs, and everyone else for committing to my side and fighting yalls butts off and KILLING it for the “MINDLESS DRONES OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL
The COBRA LAIR Youtube channel has been upgraded
We have added a few more videos to the LAIR and redesigned the channel. Click here to see it.
Viper Fallout Paintball X3 Coverage
Checkout the latest Paintball X3 article covering Viper's Fallout Part 1. COBRA gets a little mention. Click here to see the article.
COBRA is changing their uniforms!
Finally, COBRA is moving away from flecktarn to a new style of uniform that will maintain a woodsball look. Keep an eye out for updates this month or next.
COBRA is honored to take home the MVT award at Viper's Fallout Part 1 at DFW Adventure Park!
Thank you Joshua Anti-con Klein, of SAS Woodsball, for giving us this honor. It was a pleasure to run for you and the NCR at this game!
[ + ] 2 0 1 4 [ - ] 2 0 1 4
COBRA X/O's Viper Phobia event at TXR Paintball

Seabass of COBRA is honored to be the X/O for Snake of Texas Light Infantry. Blue side wins 2200 to 1300!
New COBRA patches from Patch-werk!

Check our new 3D rubber patches from Patch-werk. These guys do amazing work! Click here!
Social Paintball Social Paintball Article mentions COBRA Tactics at Viper's Halo Game

Read here:
COBRA creates the COBRANATOR and tests it at Viper's Halo game.

Checkout pictures of it here!

Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3
COBRA is honored to receive MOFO and MVP Award at Viper's Halo!

Another epic game Viper game at TXR! COBRA registered as "place as needed" but were honored to run for Type3/Alter Ego!
Viper Triple Threat COBRA receives MVT and MOFO award at Viper's Triple Threat!

Another great Triple Threat event at Petty Paintball. Our team really had a blast playing for Shadowwalker and thank you Texas Light Infantry for the MOFO! This was a very tough game and no one likes an easy game! Pictures and videos to be posted soon.
COBRA Created a new article for Tippmann Sports!

Check out "Secrets to Survive your First Scenario Game"!
[ + ] 2 0 1 3 [ - ] 2 0 1 3
COBRA will be playing for the Barbarians at Living Legends VII

We will be rolling under the command of Chris "Trek" Nelson of the Muddy Water Boys! The MWB is one of our favorite teams and we are psyched to get to meet up with them again!
COBRA website gets a new makeover

If you are reading this, then the new COBRA website is up! The old site was very "busy" and a bit hard to find things. So, it was time for a change.
Checkout our Sixth Gun video!

We put together a short video with the small amount of footage that we have from this game. We hope you enjoy it.
COBRA receives MVT award at Viper's The Sixth Gun!

Another great event in Houston at TXR with close to 500 players! We had a blast running under the command of Matthew Raymundo (Boondo's Army) and we are honored to have received this award!
COBRA reviews the Tippmann Crossover XVR.

Tippmann has taken user feedback seriously and upgraded the Tippmann Crossover and introduced it as the XVR. Check it out here!
Nubbs of COBRA is Victorious Commander at We Were Soldiers 2013!

Many thanks to DFW Adventure Park for putting on a great game! Another big thanks to the opposing American forces and its commanders for putting on an awesome fight and showing great sportsmanship! For those teams and walk-ons that ran for us, you were awesome and worked your tails off!

MAY 17-19th 2013: Living Legends VI

The New Empire is victorious! Roughneck of COBRA plays the X/O role for the new Empire!
Video1, Video2, Video3 and see the event announcement here!

Viper Triple Threat FEB 9th: Viper's Triple Threat 2013

* MOFO Award, * MVP Award (Shmo), * MVT Award

COBRA ran for Reaper (blue side) at this event and we were honored to have received MVP and MVT. We are honored by these awards and thank the general of green side for the MOFO award. It was a pleasure to server Reaper and run against Ray Harlan (red side) of the Hellions and NPPL (green side) of Deadhorse. Congratulations to NPPL for the win!

JAN 2013: COBRA is proud to represent Hammerhead Paintball!

Cobra is honored to partner with Hammerhead Paintball for & 2012 and 2013! Cobra chose Hammerhead Paintball after performing a series of barrel tests on the new Tippmann Crossover. The Hammerhead Mofo is Cobra's official barrel system. Check it out here!
[ + ] 2 0 1 2 [ - ] 2 0 1 2
Bull of COBRA commands Viper's Dagger Protocol 2012

Many thanks to CaptMaverick of Total Insanity and Spyro of Loyalty for their outstanding help provided to Bull for his first command. Props to the Georgian side and their general Touareg for their well-deserved win!
MAR 4th - 2012 - COBRA is proud to bring home the MOFO (MVP) award

Many thanks to Drunkenmaster for the invite to this game! COBRA had a blast running with Bull from Black Cell, Hellions, Redrum and others friends/fellow ballers at DFW Adventure Park in Dallas this weekend! This was our COBRA-NORTH Chapter's first game!
JAN 24th - 2012 - Guerrilla and COBRA announces partnership!

COBRA is proud to announce a partnership with a new sponsor for 2012 - GUERRILLA AIR! Checkout our website for more info.
[ + ] 2 0 1 1 [ - ] 2 0 1 1
MAY 25th 2011 - COBRA appears on the Wolf's Den once again!

COBRA attended Living Legends IV in Joliet, Illinois and is proud to have run with Wolf of the Wolf's Den. We have appeared in Wolf's lastest video. Watch it here!
Furious Paintball MAR 10th - COBRA is proud to announce a sponsorship by Furious Paintball!

COBRA is honored to have received a sponsorship from Furious Paintball for 2011! COBRA chose Furious Paintball after performing a series of barrel tests on a wide variety of markers, including the Phenom. The Furious Lotus barrel is COBRA's official barrel system for 2011. COBRA - Furious Press Release
Red Dawn - BearClaw FEB 18-20th - COBRA is proud to bring home an MVT award at Red Dawn 2011 at BearClaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN.

Awesome game! Many thanks to Sarcasm of Injustice League for being some welcoming and allowing us to run missions. This was one of the best games we have ever attended! It was a well written game by MPP Games!
5J Paintball in Spring, TX FEB 8th - COBRA is proud to now call 5J Paintball their home field!

COBRA's new home field! Come check out this new paintball field in Spring, TX. (North Houston) They have 27 acres of woodsball fields, 3 acres of it are mulch covered and loaded with obstacles. They have airball/speedball and spools fields as well! Check out for more details.
Eight at 5J Paintball JAN 28th - COBRA is proud to win the MVT and MVP award at Eight at 5J Paintball in 2011.

Another awesome event produced by Bushdevil! Many thanks to DragonLady of Federation Guard and for Reverend Splatter of Team Oddysey for asking us to run on their side
[ + ] 2 0 1 0 [ - ] 2 0 1 0
5J Paintball in Spring, TX DEC 3-5th - Cobra is proud to win the MVT award at We Were Soldiers 2010.

This was a great game! But the best part were the veterans who attended and the appearance by Joe Galloway! Many thanks for X-Ray for giving us the opportunity to X/O for him!

5J Paintball in Spring, TX OCT 23rd - Cobra is proud to win the Sportsmanship award at Battle of Stalingrad 2010.

Thanks to Gair of Paintballmart for the opportunity to run lots of missions. Another thanks to Black Cell for working together with us and kicking lots of tail.

5J Paintball in Spring, TX AUG 21st - Cobra is proud to have its newest players win the MVP award at Dogs of War 2010.

Thanks Coyote for working your butt off the Dogs of War night game! Special thanks to Black Cell for this honor.

Cobra Scenario Paintball Team Checkout the July issue of Action Pursuit Games!

Wolf (of the Wolf's Den) did a write-up on the Black Hawk Down game in Harwood, TX. Cobra got a few mentions in the article and there are some great pics of other teams and local players. This is the July 2010 issue. See it here!

Cobra Scenario Paintball Team Cobra is proud to announce a sponsorship from K&L Air Products, makers of the KobraLine!

We are also lucky to be able to do ongoing product testing for this product. Check out

FEB 2010 - Cobra is honored to win the Most Notorious Team award at the Tombstone game at Paintball Zone North in Houston, TX!

We want to thank Foxtrot for letting us run with them and for the sportsmanship we saw from both sides, including the blue side! This game was a blast and we love supporting our local fields!

JAN 2010 - Cobra is honored to receive a sponsorship from Tippmann for 2010!

This is a huge milestone for our team. We have used Tippmann products since our team's inception. We stand behind Tippmann products, and we are very proud to represent them! We have also chose the X7 Phenom as our official team marker.

1.30.2010 - Cobra will be at the Blackhawk Down game in Harwood, TX.

We will be sharing our camp with Dre Wolf of The Wolf's Den, Fern Kirouac of Kobraline and Camo Joe of!

[ + ] 2 0 0 9 [ - ] 2 0 0 9
5J Paintball in Spring, TX 12.30.2009 - Cobra resumes it's Young Guns program.

As most of our previous Young Guns have grown up and are now core team members, we want to continue this tradition and step it up a notch. More to come.

5J Paintball in Spring, TX 12.5.2009 - Cobra will represent Ben Tippmann at the December game at Tactical Paintball. (We Were Soldiers)

This game is expected to exceed 500 players
5J Paintball in Spring, TX 11.28.2009 - Cobra creates the COBRA LAIR YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel is currently under construction. Check back soon for more videos.

5J Paintball in Spring, TX 9.18.2009 - Cobra is featured in the Catshack Reports website. Read about it here.
9.15.2009 - Cobra is proud to receive a generous sponsorship from Techt Paintball!

Stay tuned for more details in the coming months. We will be posting videos and product reviews soon. In the meantime, check out their website here!

5J Paintball in Spring, TX 10.3.2009 - Cobra leads the Americans to victory at Back to Bataan

Oct 2nd-3rd 2009, at Tactical Paintball in Harwood, TX! Don't miss this one!
8.12.2009 - Cobra wins 1st place at the UWL event in September at Cousins Paintball!

Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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